Wide range of  packings  armature, pumps and valves. Depending of the needs, we provide different types of braids, fillers and sizes.

Готово изработени гарнитуриReady made gaskets
Gaskets from sealing materials made by standard or drawing. Different thicknesses, flange type gaskets and materials depending of the usage.

Уплътнителни листи Sealing sheets
Non asbestos sheets, sealing plates, with standard sizes and thicknesses. Best quality and Certification for proven work parameters.

Технически материалиTechnical materials
Wide range of raw materials available in stock. Different sizes, types and sizes based on your needs. .

Different types of silicone, rubber  and polyurethane is available for your needs. Special products FDA approved for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Индустриални маркучиIndustrial Hoses
Wide range of hoses for transport of air, fluids, chemicals, abrasive raw materials, petrol and other.Variety of sizes and lengths in stock. Provide different types of tailpipe.

Уплътнителни листи Industrial lubricants 
High efficient industrial lubricants for different types of applications. Certification of FDA approved types for food and drink industries. Different types of anti-size products are also avaiable.

Site Safety Site Safety
Line marking systems,coatings, signalization and protection of the workers.Anti-slip coatings, stairs, gratings and many other solutions.