With the help of the best available products and material, we provide different types of services, including engineering, replacement and recovery of many types of details and facilities. Our main clients are mainly Power plants, Cement plants, Chemical plants, Mining industry, Food production facilities.

Some of our products and services:

1. Producing flange gaskets – standard and special .
2. Engineering and recovery.
3. Producing axles, shafts, rollers, bearings, bearing bushes, etc..
4. Producing products from technical plastics, PTFE, Polyamide, Polyuretane.
5. Producing details from rubber, silicone, sponge and other soft materials.
6. Producing details from Graphite and PTFE with different fillers.
7. Non standard industrial equipment.
8. Production and supply of different types of belts, transport lines from plastic and moving parts.
9. Coating of different types of wheels, rollers, axis with Rubber, Polyurethane, Sponge Rubber end etc.
10. Recovering of assemblies.
11. Recovering coated wheels / metal and soft part/ .
12. Recovering pumps, reducers,compressors, hydraulic sealing components and many other related.